New York Fashion Week

ADIRÈE today announces the upcoming showcase of HOUSE OF MUCHA  during its sixth annual Africa Fashion Week activation:  New York Fashion Week: Africa on Friday, September 11, 2015. This one- day activation will take place at the Broad Street Ballroom, 41 Broad Street, New York, NY 10004 during New York Fashion Week (September 10-17).

HOUSE OF MUCHA, pronounced (Muw-chah), was created by Zimbabwean born Lindiwe Muchaneta or for short LinDi Mucha. Based in Hertfordshire, UK,  Mucha identifies with her Shona and Ndebele mix roots which is seen through her designs. Taking inspirations from her roots allows Mucha to bring two different countries to consumers: South Africa and Zimbabwe with a retro twist.

Mucha’s designs are historically accurate garments made from timeless vintage and sewing patterns.   Introducing HOUSE OF MUCHA to New York means creating connections for brands to venture to South Africa. The demand for unique South African fabrics made locally allows the  “South African Clothing and Textile Workers’ Union” to create new jobs for people who need them.

These fabrics are seen in Mucha’s designs including pantsuits, day and evening wear designed for both men and women who desire to connect with a rich African affluence. These styles are elegant and classy, aimed to young and mature generations living in a fast changing contemporary era.

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